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Modular event structures

Struttura in acciaio alla base della copertura

While in the past, for each type of event – fairs, concerts, conferences – preference was given to the use of closed facilities, such as arenas, exhibition halls, theaters, today the world of events has changed, as around him the possibilities of organization have multiplied.

The most popular type of setup to date consists of modular event structures.

Unlike classic exhibition booths, modular structures are designed for even repeated use over time, offering excellent value for money.


Characteristics of modular event structures

Modular structures for trade shows and events are made of  lightweight yet durable materials to best cope with wear and tear from use and weather.

These are structures that can be used for a few days as well as for long periods, which is why a real electrical system is recreated inside them that will serve forlighting and heating or cooling depending on the season.

The maneuverability allows for easy transportation of any type of modular structure, and, in addition, the versatility that distinguishes these event covers offers hundreds of different possibilities for assembly, which is done quickly and without equipment, significantly lowering the costs allocated to assembly.

There is also the possibility of customizing the modular structure, choosing its shape and size and adding accessories such as walls, lights, signs, and panic doors. Flooring is also an aspect on which you can play to your heart’s content. In addition to the possibility of installing audio, lighting and video service, there is a choice of carpet, parquet, laminate, PVC, depending on the requirements.

Modular event structures are made by professionals with state-of-the-art technology, including fireproof materials, aluminum, and plastic polymers, which impart lightness and strength.


Why renting a modular structure is the best solution for an event

In summary, modular structures appear to be the most suitable type of event cover for the following reasons:

  • Ability to modulate size and depth as needed
  • Possible addition of accessories that personalize the structure
  • Possibility of different anchors, depending on size and weather conditions (stakes or concrete)


Modular structures require certification to be legally compliant, as well as specific materials and skills for installation. For event planners, there is no other solution than to turn to companies that specialize in modular roofing, which can follow the assembly of the structure step by step and ensure a successful event.

Canobbio Textile designs, fabricates and installs modular structures for trade shows, concerts, conventions and conferences and events of all kinds.

The textile roofing offered by Canobbio Textile is designed with the most advanced calculation software and packaged with the latest generation of membranes and laboratory-tested construction details in order to make them strong and durable over the years.

Discover here the designs of modular event structures made by Canobbio Textile over the years.

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