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Tensile structures for cruise ships: elegance on the open sea

Tenso Navi da Crociera 20

Cruise ships represent the pinnacle of luxury and comfort at sea, offering passengers an unforgettable experience. One of the key elements contributing to this comfort is the use of marquees, which provide shaded and sheltered areas, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces.

With advanced materials, custom design, and efficient installation techniques, Canobbio Textile continues to be the ideal partner for companies seeking to enhance the onboard experience with stylish and functional cruise ship marquees.

In this article, we will explore the peculiarities and difficulties of cruise ship marquees, and how Canobbio Textile successfully addresses them.


Peculiarities of cruise ship marquees

  • Resistance to extreme conditions

Cruise ship tensile structures must withstand extremely variable environmental conditions. From the scorching sun of the tropics to the high winds and saltiness of the open sea, the materials used must provide durability and strength. Canobbio Textile employs advanced technical fabrics that offer UV protection, resistance to salt corrosion and the ability to withstand high mechanical stress.

  • Design and integration

Aesthetics are key on cruise ships, where every element must contribute to the luxurious and sophisticated appearance of the vessel. Cruise ship marquees designed by Canobbio Textile are customized to blend harmoniously with the ship’s design, offering elegant solutions that enhance the visual and functional experience for passengers.

  • Functionality and space

Tensile structures for ships must be designed to optimize available space, creating multifunctional areas that can be used for different activities, such as outdoor restaurants, relaxation areas, swimming pools, and event areas. The modularity and flexibility of Canobbio Textile’s structures allow them to be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each ship.


Challenges in the design and implementation of ship marquees

  • Structural strength

One of the main challenges is to ensure that the tensile structures are strong enough to withstand the stresses of the open sea. This includes not only resistance to high winds, but also the ability to maintain stability as the ship moves. Canobbio Textile uses advanced structural calculation technologies and high-quality materials to ensure maximum safety and reliability of its tensile structures.

  • Weight and balance

Cruise ships have strict requirements in terms of weight and balance. Ship tensile structures must be light so as not to compromise the stability of the ship, but at the same time sufficiently strong. Canobbio Textile uses lightweight but strong materials, such as high-strength synthetic fibers and aluminum or stainless steel frames, to meet these requirements.

  • Maintenance and durability

Cruise ship marquees must be easy to maintain and clean, given the constant exposure to the marine elements. The materials used by Canobbio Textile are treated to resist mold growth, corrosion and yellowing, ensuring long life and minimal maintenance.

  • Installation and logistics

The installation of marquees on a cruise ship presents significant logistical challenges. Structures must be installed quickly and accurately, often during short periods of ship maintenance. Canobbio Textile has developed efficient processes for installation, minimizing downtime and ensuring safe and accurate installation.

Canobbio Textile offers a comprehensive service covering every step of the process. From the surveying phase at the construction site, to the design and production in cruise ship marquees, to the delicate installation phase, taken care of by a team of highly skilled technicians.

Each textile cover that takes shape is the result of combining cutting-edge technology with refined aesthetics, offering a solution that combines functionality and beauty.

Canobbio Textile’s cruise ship marquees bring art and engineering to the high seas, embellishing the voyage of anyone lucky enough to ply the waves on these extraordinary ships.

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