standard or customised solutions for covers for sports facilities



As a game, Padel was invented in 1970 in Mexico, when a well-known affluent citizen decided to use the space available in his home to build a court that would allow him to play tennis. However, besides being smaller than the one required, the space available was also limited by masonry structures on some sides.
This led to creating a limited play area, entirely surrounded by a combination of concrete walls and wire mesh. This particular combination had the sure advantage of creating a play area in which the ball was always in motion. Padel remained an elite game until the early 80s, when some American tourists decided to take it home with them where they built several courts

The game progressively turned into an actual sport and spread in various countries including Argentina, Spain – a country of adoption with thousands of players –, France, the USA and paddle Brazil. Padel is a fun game that can be played by people of different ages, sex, technical and physical conditions, and – a rather significant factor – it requires a minimal expense. Therefore, it is quickly spreading across Italy and across the globe. With more than 70 years of experience in textile and sports coverings, we – at Canobbio Textile – are key international players in the development of various cover solutions for padel courts offering turnkey services for air-supported covers, with glulam arches, iron structures and innovative solutions by mixing various materials.

Besides the standard/customised cover solutions, we can supply various padel court solutions depending on the customer’s tastes, installation site and game level.

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