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Over the years, circus and tent theatre shows have become benchmark entertainment events we are all well familiar with today.

Circus and entertainment tents


In Pursuit of Excellence: Tents and Structures for Circus and Tent Theaters

In today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable world, structures for circus and tent theaters must meet uncompromising standards of reliability and safety

Canobbio Textile, with a history dating back decades, stands as an undisputed leader in designing and manufacturing complete structures for circus and tent theaters. 

Our reputation has been earned in the field, where our reliability has become legendary. Each project is born from the skillful fusion of advanced tensile structure technology and the age-old art of circus tents.

In an era of abrupt climate changes, where sudden strong winds and torrential rains can pose a challenge, our company distinguishes itself with a scientific and rigorous approach on costruction of structures for circus and tent theaters. Every detail is analyzed and tested in our in-house laboratory, where a dynamometer pushes materials to their breaking point.

Design is entrusted to the latest calculation software, ensuring cutting-edge and customized solutions. Each structure is a symphony of form and function, ready to defy every element of nature.

In a changing world, our dedication to perfection and safety is your assurance. Trust us for your adventures under the big top, where magic and safety blend into one extraordinary experience.

The advantages

Structural and architectural lightness


Optimised implementation times and costs

Possibility to cover
large spaces


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