Urban renewal that combines symbolism with aesthetic quality


Iconic Projects

Glazed corners hanging in the sky, rooms immersed in the green, soft shapes set in the urban fabric: every architecture tells its story that enriches the structure of the cities we live in.

The iconic architecture has a symbolic and cultural significance with an aesthetic component. Within the framework of ambitious visions of urban renovation, iconic spaces are built in order to influence the economy and lifestyles, contributing toward forming the identity of a community.

The environment we created strengthens the value systems and the choice of buildings bound to become iconic is never arbitrary, given that those spaces will become part of the history of a place, gaining prestige and winning the respect of the local and global communities. They are not simple buildings designed, built and lived. As a matter of fact, they contain many values linked to the representation, symbolism and aesthetics of our world.

We are proud to take part in the creation of important iconic projects, bringing our expertise and passion to offer innovative and increasingly optimised solutions.