Flexible and adaptable solutions for non-invasive and reversible protection

Archaeological Areas

Archaeological Areas

We specialised in tensile structures covering sensitive archaeological sitesacross the world, including the Temple of Apollo in 1987, the Megalithic Temples of Malta and the latest projects where the ETFE film was applied.

The protection of an archaeological site entails pursuit for balance between minimising the impact of the shelter on the environment and creating a comfortable area for archaeologists and visitors.

The purpose is to provide flexible solutions that can be adapted to the distinctive features of any monument or historical finding, to offer a valid protection against the main environmental or anthropogenic risk factors (atmospheric agents, wear, thermal changes, intrusions and tampering).

The use of membrane structures makes the intervention minimally invasive and totally reversible, in line with the requirements laid down by the protection bodies (for example, the Italian Superintendence bodies) and by the authorised personnel(archaeologists and restorers). In addition, it confers to the site an expressive potential capable of redefining the building.