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Archaeological Areas

San Michele Arcangelo

  • Place

    San Pietro Infine (CS)

  • Year


  • Architectural Project

    Canobbio Textile Engineering

  • Membrane Project

    Canobbio Textile

  • Area

    120 mq

  • Textile


  • Type

    Archaeological areas – Cushion

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Delivery of ETFE cushion, aluminium fastening profiles, inflation system, installation.

San Michele Arcangelo - San Pietro Infine

San Pietro Infine is a small town where numerous battles were fought in the Second World War Having been heavily bombed, in early 21st century the “Historical Memorial Park” was established to recover and enhance this part of the area. Inside the park there is the church of San Michele Arcangelo renovated and accessible to the public. In this context, Canobbio Textile decided to make a double layer ETFE pneumatic cushion along the split due to the collapse of part of the apse vault. The strengths of this intervention lie in the transparency and lightness that are most appropriate for the restoration of historical monuments. As regards this project, Canobbio Textile offered a comprehensive service to the contractor awarded the assignment of renovating the church: this included the initial inspection, supplying aluminium sections, ETFE double layer cushion, inflation machinery, installation and testing.

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