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Crown Circus

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Crown Circus

The experience gained in a very particular specialisation, such as that of covers for circuses and tent, theatres led to building Crown Circus Tents that are practical and quick to move, reliable, refined and polished in terms of decorations.

We – as Canobbio Textile – have continued to optimise and improve the conventional Chapiteau forms such as Crown Chapiteau.

The Crown circus tent consists of 4 antennas wound by 4 trestle rings that tension the canvas in the respective points. By design, the trestle rings remain at a higher height than the dome, creating typical elongated conical shapes that can be extremised further in this case.

Unlike the Castle Circus, the dome is a small dome supported by cables for the tensioning which can be carried out manually or using electric motors positioned on the antennas if considerably large. Given that the small dome cannot be used to hang performance tools, such as supports for trapezists, it is often used for travelling theatre shows. it is often used for travelling theatre shows.

Many decorations and colours can be created, ranging from simple spiral chromatic alternations to more complex drawing applications using our special machinery.

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