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Circus with Arch

Circus with Arch

The first circus with external trestles by Canobbio Textile dates back to the 90s when the tent was built for the German show of the Lord of the rings. From then on, this new technological solution has become increasingly common in the circus world and beyond. Very often a special circus shape is combined with the use of an arch or an external trestle system in pyramidal shape.

In the subsequent decades Canobbio Textile contributed to building the largest travelling structure built with a mixed system of antennas and arches measuring 65 metres wide for the famous Canadian show CAVALIA.

The use of a pyramid, or of an external trestle arch, allows the fixing and tensioning of the membrane to the dome without the use of internal structures. This option allows to obtain all around unhindered view of the show, eliminating the shadow areas caused by the main antennas.

The use of external arches is not the prerogative of large circuses but it is gaining popularity also in the medium-small structures because it allows to optimise and increase the seating capacity in the stands and offering an optimal visual comfort.

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