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Decades of specialisation in the design and construction of tensile structures for cruise ships

Cruise Ships

Elegance on Open Waters

Over the decades, Canobbio Textile has emerged as a leader in designing and constructing tensile structures for cruise ships, enhancing dozens of vessels for some of the most prestigious cruise companies in the industry.

The challenges faced by tensile structures on board a cruise ship are significant, given the powerful gusts of wind experienced during navigation. For this reason, every component of a tensile structures for cruise ships – from the membrane to the stay cables, from the framework to the tensioning systems – is designed with sophisticated calculation software and crafted using only top-quality materials.

We provide a comprehensive service that covers every phase of the process. From the on-site surveying phase, through design and production in our facilities, to the delicate installation phase, managed by a team of highly specialized technicians.

Every structure for cruise ships that takes shape is the result of a fusion of cutting-edge technology and refined aesthetics, offering a solution that marries functionality with beauty. 

Canobbio Textile’s tensile structures for cruise ships bring art and engineering to the high seas, enhancing the journey for anyone fortunate enough to sail the waves on these extraordinary ships.