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tensile structures applied to stadiums



A great opportunity for the textile.

The Monaco of Bavaria Olympic stadium (1972), designed by engineer Frei Otto is one of the first stadium at which a tensile structure for roofing the grandstands was preferred. From that date, the request for these kind of stadium coverings has increased, especially on very important events such as the World Football Cup.
The choice of utilizing tensile structures in combination with the textile dates from the eighties and for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, the Rome Olympic stadium and the Bari stadium opted for this solution to roof the respective grandstands.

The idea of building stadia with the use of pretension cables and fabrics has become a “standard” structural concept. There are no limits of use: all over the world, from northern countries to the most warm and tropical ones, textile and cable or steel supporting structures have become an idea of success.

Since then dozens of sport facilities, involving more efficiency and technology, were built. An additional feature is that, if required, the textile structures can be motorized to enable folding.

Canobbio Textile has offered and is offering a great contribution to the world of stadium tensile structures, having carried out several important futuristic projects of high engineering level all over the world.