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Circus and entertainment tents

Festival Tents

Festival Tents

Festival tents are multipurpose event textile structures with sizes and shapes that can be adapted for the type of show.  

Festival tents can be supplied with open head, such as the case of the blue and yellow structure supplied to Kahut Palace, so that the audience from outside the tent has contact with the audience and the artists on stage.
They can also be supplied with closing walls.

At Canobbio Textile we evaluate all the details according to the nature of the event and the desired appearance. Furthermore, we design structures with great passion and experience gained over the decades.

The interior is generally blue and made with obscuring membranes, to facilitate the use of special lighting systems with the possibility to project images on the internal surface as the two-row structure supplied to the Dutch company Van Ham Tenten, measuring 40 metres wide.

The Festival tent was designed with a modular system that can be extended from 15 m up to 100 metres long, thus creating vast areas for large events.

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