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Dome Circus

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Dome Circus

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Dome Circus

The experience gained in a very particular specialisation, such as that of covers for circuses and tent theatres, led to building structures like Dome Circus Tents that are practical and quick to move, reliable, refined and polished in terms of decorations.

We – as Canobbio Textile – have continued to optimise and improve the conventional Chapiteau forms such as Dome Chapiteau.

The shape of a Dome circus tent consists of 4 antennas that support a dome which – by design – is round or polygonal-shaped with variable dimensions, which can be divided into sections to facilitate transportation.

The height of the antennas is generally lower than the maximum height of the dome, conferring to the chapiteau a pyramidal shape with simple and regular geometric lines.

Even in this case, many decorations and colours can be created, ranging from simple spiral chromatic alternations to more complex drawing applications using our special machinery.

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress