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Hanging Point Circuses

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Circo Punti Sospesi

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    Circus Vargas

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    Cirque du soleil

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    Circus Knie

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Hanging Point Circuses

The experience gained in a very particular specialisation, such as that of covers for circuses and tent theatres, led to building structures that are practical and quick to move, reliable, refined and polished in terms of decorations.

We – as Canobbio Textile – have continued to optimise and improve the conventional Chapiteau forms such as hanging point Chapiteau.

The type of Circus tent with hanging points is actually the evolution of the conventional circus with counter-piles, where the problem of the overall dimensions of the internal poles was overcome using several external cables that securely support the membrane cover. Reinforced areas were created at those points and plates connecting to the cables were applied conferring greater overall stability to the structure and greater internal volume necessary for travelling shows.

Many decorations and colours can be created, ranging from simple spiral chromatic alternations to more complex drawing applications thanks to our technology.

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress