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The company owns the know how and experience to innovate its products in the field of sport installations, thanks to being for many years on the market of sports coverings and leaders in technology. Professionalism, competence and responsiveness to customers, encourage us to challenge the difficulties of the market, while maintaining the high quality standards of the products at all times.

This is made possible by a technical approach which, now more than ever, imposes a strict commitment to watch out the costs for energy savings as to the impact on the environment. With the same aim, the company has developed and improved the concept of permanent coverings in laminated wood, geodetic and air domes with PVC coated polyester membranes introducing the ENERGY product that improves the thermal performance and ensures substantial savings.

It is possible to obtain the best performance for this type of structures which evolves from the concept of the double membrane, creating a constant air cavity with the combination of the latest generation of condensing heating generators. The company expresses its philosophy taking advantage from the experience in the field of textile architecture in more complex structures which grants continuous improvements in this sector too.


Structural and architectural lightness


Optimised implementation times and costs

Possibility to cover
large spaces


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