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Light, colourful, functional and stylish solar shielding solutions.

Shading structures

Shading structures

Usually characterised by a perforated mesh membrane, shading tensile structures are light, coloured, functional and stylish sun shading solutions.

They may be simple triangular or rhomboidal shapes finished perimetrically with cables or coated tapes, welded on the main tensioned membrane, reinforced with double layer fastened on the corners, fixing plates and tensioning systems.

Or they can be much more complex shapes where the engineering level of the cover requires collaboration between all of our departments at Canobbio Textile: this includes commercial advice to support the initial idea of the architect or of the customer, feasibility study and static calculation of the shape carried out by the technical department, laboratory tests on fastening details and the manufacturing of the textile in the production department.

All of our tensile structures are installed by teams of technicians experts in textile membranes.