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iconic projects


  • Place

    Eur Congress Center, Rome

  • Year


  • Architectural Project

    Mr. Massimiliano Fuksas

  • Membrane Project

    Form TL – Germ

  • Area

    15.000 mq

  • Textile

    Silicone / Fibreglass

  • Type

    Iconic Projects

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Membrane project support, production of aluminium sections, fastening details, overseeing installation

Fuksas La Nuvola

For Canobbio Textile, the Nuvola project was undoubtedly one of the most complex and demanding projects ever made and we are very proud to have participated in its realization.

In addition to having been engaged for many months in the search for the perfect membrane, 15,000 square meters of fabric have been packaged and sewn, hundreds of sewing tests have been carried out, 8,000 hours of work by our expert stitchers, we have supplied kilometers of curved aluminum profiles on multiple dimensions and more than 26,000 fastening details for our profiles and panels. We also spent a whole year installing all the metal accessories as well as supervising the installation of the first panels of the Nuvola by Fuksas.

“The two elegantly detailed buildings in dark glass with a Miesian style are the perfect complement to the cloud that constitutes the heart of the congress center seen from the front from the square through the dark glass. The White Cloud is an apparition enclosed inside a container in rational glass is the unconscious of the building, it has a recall effect with the power of a secret visitors are attracted to this secret they descend a wide staircase cross the glass facade until they find themselves in the atrium where the cloud appears suspended”.

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