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Glulam Padel Multiple

Glulam Padel Multiple

Glulam Padel Multiple is the cover designed to be modular according to the requirements of the installation site.

Glulam Padel Multiple cover is a solution consisting of a WOODEN support structure built with columns and glulam arches with windbracing and appropriately dimensioned using our state-of-the-art computing programs.
It is supplied complete with standard hardware and bolts made of galvanised steel, in the required dimensions and amounts.
Cover mat made in such a way to entirely wrap the structure fully protecting the internal structure of the Padel.
The textile used for the covering is made of high strength polyester. Furthermore, a PVC coating – carried out on both sides – and a particular treatment make this fabric waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents and chlorine vapours.

During the coating phase, PVC is added with particular products that make it self-extinguishing and approved according to the regulations in force.
The cover mat is secured using special traction elements which are fixed directly to the structure.
The infill of the longitudinal lower part is of the slidable type with an appropriate sliding guide placed on a suitable support beam at a height of about 3.50 m and therefore capable allowing a correct summer ventilation abundantly above the human height to the advantage of comfort.
The textile used is the same as the waterproofed textile membrane of the cover with the insertion (upon request) of transparent windows with calendered PVC of the Kristall type.

The membrane is then hung with suitable trolleys and reinforced with vertical pipes and guides on the ground with suitable slidable ogive provided with displacement gates and closing handles.

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