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Elegance Padel

Elegance Padel

Designed by Canobbio Textile to cover one or more padel courts adjacent to each other, the ELEGANCE PADEL is a UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE solution.

The main structure was designed made of glulam, made according to the EN 14080:2013 standards, with spruce wood boards with a maximum thickness of 40 mm classified according to the UNI EN 14081 standards and with adhesives of approved type. The structural elements are made in a rectangular cross-section and in the resistance classes GL28.
The structure consists of main curved beams – purlins – pillars. All the wooden elements are produced by factories holding the EC certificate according to the regulations in force.

The wooden structure is supplemented with a steel structure consisting of inclined columns – base plates – side garlands – bracings – edge ropes, carried out under full compliance with the current regulations.
The cover membrane has a single membrane resting on the wooden support structure; the membrane is processed in our Castelnuovo Scrivia plant and made with high strength polyester textile with PVC coating on both faces, treated in a particular manner that makes the textile waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents.

The PADEL ELEGANCE solution may be supplied with: the head frameworks for applying the reinforced slidable walls, exits and entrances, heating system and LED lighting system.

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