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New Tensile Structure Protective Arch on Highway A5

Arco protettore autostrada A5 6

In the heart of the majestic Alps, a unique project is coming to life: the new arch-shaped tensile structure designed by the IPE Progetti studio in Turin, made of steel, measuring an impressive 57 meters in length, is destined to protect drivers along the A5 highway, right at the level of the Aosta-Pila cable car.

However, the new tensile strucuture is not an ordinary protection, but a structure that defies time and the elements.

This engineering masterpiece is the result of cutting-edge technologies and an exceptional synergy of expertise.

The tensile structure was designed using sophisticated calculation software, taking into account the weight of the snow that could accumulate on its surface. Comprising two imposing arches in painted corten steel, supported by a network of cables holding an advanced PTFE waterproof membrane, this membrane was conceived, designed, and produced by Canobbio Textile in collaboration with the German studio FormTL.

In addition to the membrane section, the company provided a network of cables with 370 special anchoring nodes and edge details to ensure impeccable tension. But the boldest challenge was the installation: a team of experienced mountaineers worked at high altitude, meticulously welding every reinforcing detail near the special rings.

This project is more than a structure: it is a testament to excellence and dedication.

The new arch-shaped tensile structure represents the vision of a future where safety and engineering come together to overcome every challenge. The new tensile structure on the A5 highway is a milestone, a symbol of innovation and durability that will look to the future for generations to come.

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