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World’s largest new Round Circus coming soon

Circo rotondo parigi 3

Watch out: the New World’s Largest Round Circus is coming to Paris.

It is with great excitement that Canobbio Textile announces to all circus lovers a breathtaking news that is about to transform the city of love into a magical stage under the Christmas sky!

Circo rotondo parigi 1The New World’s Largest Round Circus promises to bring an atmosphere of wonder and amazement to Paris that will leave everyone breathless, plunging circus lovers into a world where the art of acrobatics, the grace of jugglers and the strength of trapeze artists come together in a ballet of synchronized movements.

All under a structure made through the craftsmanship and innovation of Canobbio Textile.

A giant circular tent 60 meters in diameter, an extraordinary fusion of art, technology and unprecedented creativity, will enchant the city with its majestic grandeur.

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