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The Sistina Theater Takes to the Road

teatro tenda sistina 02

teatro tenda sistina 01With great honor, we announce Canobbio Textile selection by the renowned Sistina Theater in Rome to create its mobile counterpart.

An extraordinary theater tent of impressive dimensions, 55 meters by 45 meters, adorned with meticulously crafted decorations, has been specially designed. Additionally, we have engineered and will provide a foyer tent and an artists’ tent, both connected via special tunnels.

Inside the theater tent, alongside the cutting-edge metal structure equipped with electric motors for lifting and tensioning, we have collaborated with our partners to devise a custom-tiered seating system tailored for theatrical performances. This seating arrangement will feature theater-style seats to ensure optimum comfort for the audience.

This partnership marks an innovation in the world of theater, bringing the prestigious Sistina Theater to new and unexpected locations.

We are thrilled to have been chosen for this project and eagerly anticipate seeing our work come to life in future tours. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Sistina Theater for entrusting us with this extraordinary endeavor.

We stand ready to exceed every expectation and bring the show on the road across Italy and beyond.

Pride in Motion!

teatro tenda sistina 03

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