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Airdomes characteristics and advantages


Airdomes are a type of roofing that requires no supporting structure, as they are inflated and held in place by strong air pressure.

It is an optimal solution for easily and relatively inexpensively covering sports and industrial facilities, as it is extremely durable and easy to install.

Airdome are particularly suitable for those who wish to take advantage of year-round sports facilities and have secure industrial storage facilities.


What are the features and advantages of a pressostatic cover?

One of the main features of these structures is the versatility of the material used, PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

PVC is a plastic material that is perfectly suited for the production of tarpaulins for vehicle covers, industrial structures (such as sheds and warehouses) and sports facilities. In the latter case, pvc tarpaulins are applied to pressostatic balloons that cover tennis courts and soccer fields.

This type of roofing can be single-membrane, double-membrane or triple-membrane, depending on the layers of fabric applied to the underlying structure.

The advantages of pressostatic balloons include several aspects, starting with the material used, which is very flexible, durable and can protect spaces from weather and sunlight, making it safe and waterproof.

Covered warehouses have always presented a problem for industrial companies because space requirements can vary considerably from one moment to the next.

Traditional buildings do not allow for rapid changes in space, while the use of pneumatic structures can bring instant increases in production.

And here we see that in the industrial sector, production flexibility can be one of the main factors that ensures commercial success, especially when there is a demand for rapid expansions in production.

Not to mention that PVC tarpaulins have a very low cost, as well as being easy to install and remove, and can also easily be customized to specific requests.

But the field of choice for pressostatic structures concerns spaces used for sports and leisure: sports can be attributed more than 70 percent of all the average air-supported structures built, including tennis courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, riding arenas, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and school gyms.

The experience gained in the designs and realizations of large airdomes with high technology content makethe textile a viable solution for covering entire soccer fields.

In these realizations, where energy efficiency and functionality of the structure are combined with architecture, interesting projects are born with the use of durable textiles and cutting-edge engineering solutions, such as those made by Canobbio Textile.

This is the case with the airdome made in cooperation with the Finnish company AABA for the city of Helsinkiy, where Canobbio Textile made a cover the size of 60.50 x 89 meters covering the winter playing field of the Helsingin Jalkapalloklubiof the city that plays in the Finnish premier league.

As well as of the airdome made in collaboration with general contractor OY POLARHALL-SCANDINAVIAN AV for the city of Piteå in Sweden, where Canobbio Textile made a cover measuring 115×75 meters in width to winter soccer field roofing of the city’s women’s team, which plays in the Swedish premier league.

Permanent pressure balloons are made with the ENERGY-P ADVANTAGE innovative technology, developed in recent years, which consists of two completely detached 40-cm membranes.

Comparing the three types (Single Membrane, Double Membrane and Energy) under the same climatic conditions, it turns out that DM saves 11% compared with MS while the Energy solution saves 20%.

In addition to the two completely detached membranes, a inner membrane with a special treatment that has a dual function: the membrane allows in the winter season to conserve heat from the roof, having less heat loss and significant energy savings, while in the summer months reduces radiation and the resulting internal overheating.

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