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The advantages of textile facades

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The world in which we live is constantly changing, and even architecture, while often perceived as a static field tied to the concept of durability, is no exception.

The field of architecture has also now undergone a shift that has revolutionized its vision, moving from the idea of architectural construction understood as a “monument” unchanging in time to something flexible and able to adapt as needed.

Buildings with non-residential uses in particular are often required to have the ability to change their aesthetic appearance while preserving their functionality.

This need is met by textile facades, which as we have seen in this article, precisely because of the characteristics that distinguish them, have increasing functionality, offering the possibility of being transformed quickly and economically even with some frequency.

The fabric used in the installation of a textile facade has a wide range of uses and is mainly used in architecture for temporary, seasonal and fixed covering and also for events.

Why opt for a textile facade? We see here the main advantages of textile facades.

  • Lightness, speed and ease of installation of textile facades

Making a textile facade does not require long construction time, as it is a prefabricated system. The reduced use of materials also affects the cost-effectiveness of the operation.

Also the textile facade maintenance turns out to be simple because the materials used, although exposed to external agents, thanks to their strength and quality, they do not require special care except a recommended wash once a year with soap and water to keep fabrics free from mold growth and pollution.

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation capacity of textile facades

One of the main advantages of a textile façade is to meet specific requirements related to solar radiation shielding, rainwater protection and thermal insulation.

For all intents and purposes, the envelope of textile facades creates a second skin spaced by a gap from the base substrate, so the cladding allows the building to be shaded and shielded, meeting transmission, reflection and absorption parameters determined at the design stage.

Thus, textile facades offer the opportunity to benefit from high indoor visual comfort and reduce echo and noise levels, particularly in facilities such as indoor gyms, shopping malls or stadiums.

  • Versatility of textile facades

The fabrics and shapes used to make the textile architecture cladding projects allow facades to improve the appearance of the building without drastic renovation changes.

Through the use of textile facades, it is possible to create complex, three-dimensional shapes that would be difficult, or at enormous cost, to achieve with other materials.

For this reason, the textile facade goes well with upgrades on the existing building stock, offering a quick and effective solution to renew the image of a building, adapting well to traditional building systems.

  • Customization of textile facades

Much of the range of fabrics used in the construction of a textile facade can be printed using digital technology, allowing for total customization and frequent, cost-effective changes in appearance.

Precisely because of this characteristic, the textile facade can become a vehicle for communication and image, through colors and patterns or effects such as transparency and backlighting.

Phrases and designs marry in a play of light on fabrics that are resistant to abrasion, fire and wind loads and consequently suitable for a wide variety of needs, from small temporary installations to the demanding tensile structures used for large sports facilities and stadiums.

The ease of changing sheets allows the company to choose to have more than one print available to change according to even periodic marketing initiatives, making external communication effective and manageable.


In Canobbio Textile we have dealt with numerous textile facade projects: from the Zenith Music Hall in Strasbourg at CMR of Bergamo, from the Mc Donald’s of Legnano to the Echor of Schio, the Bennet Eco Mall in Sedriano, Hotel Plaza in Abano Terme, Expo of Zaragoza.

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