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Igate Latvia Jelgava

  • Place


  • Year


  • Architectural Project


  • Membrane Project

    Canobbio Textile

  • Area

    5.000 m²

  • Textile


  • Type

    Glulam structure

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Supply and production of membrane, supply of fastening and tensioning systems, installation.

Igate Latvia Jelgava

Located in Jelgava, the “Mītava” “Open-Air Concert Hall, located in Jelgava was recognised as the best wooden building in Latvia in 2019.
This structure, which fully displays the possibilities of applying glulam, is a goal not only in Latvia but throughout the Baltic. The massive structure was built with large wooden beams covered with a special membrane.

We – as Canobbio Textiledesigned, produced and installed the special cover membrane for this important project in Latvia.

A new amphitheatre for musical and sports skating events commissioned by the Latvian construction firm IGATE which instead built the wooden structure.

Besides supplying the membrane cover consisting of 12 panels for a total of 5,000 m2 we prepared the wooden arch structure with our special fastening details.

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