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football air-supported structures


  • Place

    Helsinki – Finland

  • Year


  • Architectural Project

    Canobbio Textile

  • Membrane Project

    Canobbio Textile

  • Area

    5.400 m²

  • Textile

    PES/PVC type IV

  • Type

    Double membrane air-supported structure, Energy

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Design, production and supply of cover membranes, supply of entrance/emergency doors, supply of utility tunnels, supply of special portals, supports of light system, supply of L and U-shaped securing sections, technical support relating to assembly, heating system.

P7 Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi

“The experiencegained in designingand building of LARGE AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AIR-SUPPORTED BALLOONS, make the textile a valid solution for covering entire football fields.
These projects where the energy efficiency and functionality of the structure are combined with architecture, are a fertile ground for interesting projects by using durable textiles and advanced engineering solutions”.

This is the case of the air-supported balloon built in conjunction with the Finnish company AABA for the city of HELSINKY, where Canobbio Textile built a cover measuring 60.50 x 89 meters to cover the winter playing field of Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi Football Club which plays in the Finnish premier division.

THE PERMANENT air-supported balloon was built using the innovative ENERGY-P technology developed in the early years 2000 which consists of: two membranes entirely detached measuring 40 cm and connected to each other with a tested and patented system of stamps and cables. Comparing the three types (Single membrane, Double membrane and Energy) – considering the same climatic conditions – it is clear that the DM allows to save 11% compared with the SM while the Energy solution allows to save 20%. Another advantage that can be obtained, compared with the DM, lies in the elimination of the thermal bridge along the perimeter of the pneumatic cushions; avoiding condensation and eliminating dispersions on the perimeter (doors and ground joint) allows to save by more than 49% as a whole.

“Furthermore, for architectural purposes, the outer membrane comes in two different grey colours. The chemical composition and the type of grey pigments used in the manufacture of textiles allow a different translucency and particular aesthetic features. The solution of the membrane thus adopted allows to achieve a double aesthetic effect.
External appearance: the two shades of grey allow to confer dynamicity to the structure with an alternating stripe – a dark one and a lighter one – effect.
Internal appearance: two further effects are obtained internally, one with the internal artificial light where the membrane lit by the led headlamps allows to have an excellent homogeneous and remarkable intensity lighting”.

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