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air-supported structures for sports facilities

Air domes
Swimming pool

Air domes for swimming pools

The air domes for swimming pools or pneumatic structures are Tensile Structure systems in which both the shape and the bearing capacity is determined by the pressure difference between the shell and the atmospheric pressure, creating a highly efficient structural system in terms of ratio between its weight and the weight the structure can bear.

The excess pressure is kept by the heating system.
To improve the energy efficiency of the structure we manufacture double and triple membrane coverings and innovative air cavity systems with no thermal bridges.

The stability of the air supported structure for swimmong pools, even in the case of power failure, is ensured by an emergency unit powered by a diesel engine, connected to the pressure sensor and to a wind sensor which detects the wind speed. It automatically enters into action immediately after power failure. To check the correct process there is a PLC programmed to manage the operation of the structure and to economize the running costs with the option to send the data and any anomalies via GSM. The presence of a person in charge of safety of the sport installation becomes therefore superfluous.

The systems are designed and installed complete with specific LED lighting systems for different sports activities.

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