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  • Place


  • Year


  • Architectural Project

    Carlotta Mazzola, Polytechnic University of Milan

  • Membrane Project

    Form TL

  • Area

    100 m²

  • Textile

    Moulded crystal

  • Type

    Temporary structure

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Membrane, production of membrane, stainless steel tensioning systems, cables, installation.


We – as Canobbio Textile – had the pleasure of collaborating with the Polytechnic University of Milan in building TemporActive where we supplied and installed the cover membrane and tensioning systems.

“TemporActive is a new temporary tensile structure project installed on the square in front of the Polytechnic University of Milan, during the TensiNet Symposium 2019, sixth edition of the international tensile structure symposium held in June 2019.

The temporary tensile structure is configured as an ultra-light construction system with arches “bending-active hybrid structures” in fiberglass, a hybrid installation that works actively in a flexural manner. A steel cable stiffening system whose “bending active” structural principle works, by way of example, like a hunting bow. As a matter of fact, despite measuring just 5 cm, starting from a flat profile, bending it allows to obtain a very resistant element.

The transparent, flexible and translucent membrane casing offers a quick and simplified installation method, with an easy assembly and disassembly process and the possibility to reutilise the pavilion for other and various uses. The challenging aspect of the project on the one hand lay in lightening the weight of the structure and the materials used, and – on the other hand – in the integration of the time variable as a key parameter of the project.

TemporActive is a structure designed following and achieving innovative parameters in terms of lightness, mobility and adaptability, search for new shapes and materials that also offer valid thermal and acoustic conditions. A key player when it comes to innovative design, interacting with the environment and existing architectures, the pavilion can be considered as an example of the high technological level reached in the field of tensile structures.”

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