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Street Furniture

New Rome Trade Fair

  • Place


  • Year


  • Architectural Project

    Prof. Massimo Majowiecki

  • Membrane Project

    Mr. T. Valle / Form TL

  • Area

    12.600 mq

  • Textile

    PES/PVC on stainless steel coils

  • Type

    Cover for visitor gangway

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Membrane project support, production of membrane, supply the steel structure, tensioning systems, installation.

New Rome Trade Fair

We – as Canobbio Textile – contributed to building the massive gangway that connects the pavilions of the New Rome Trade Fair, a demanding project measuring 1900 linear meters long.

“On a regular alternating basis, strong white steel stands rise to the sides of the gangway to support the covering tensile structure; each span consists of three elements: the first, the lower layer, consists of seven parallel strips of stainless steel sheet, standard industrial coils, coupled to the stands and left free to take the natural shape of a catenary (their static function is comparable to that of the ropes of a hanging bridge); the polyester membrane – the second element, covered with pvdf, pre-strained during assembly by means of further transverse tubular elements, which will support and protect the path from atmospheric precipitation – was placed over the coil”.

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