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textile facades

Hotel Plaza Abano Terme

  • Place

    Abano Terme (PD)

  • Year


  • Architectural Project

    Mr. Michele Franzina

  • Membrane Project

    Canobbio Textile

  • Area

    930 mq

  • Textile

    PVC polyester mesh

  • Type

    Textile facade

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Project, production of membrane, aluminium sections, fastening systems, installation.

Hotel Plaza

We fully renovate the private square outside the hotel by creating a second skin by a textile facade for the existing building. This textile facade is supported by a metal structure with a complex geometry, a free shape which moves following the curve of the square, starting at the level of the floor almost flush with the pre-existing facade and projecting further upwards.

Made of a plastic textile with transparent weave, the new material that the skin is made of was carefully chosen to show the name of the hotel written in block letters while simultaneously ensuring, through transparency, light and visual permeability to the interior spaces.

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