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textile facades

Expo Zaragoza

  • Place

    Zaragoza, Spain

  • Year


  • Architectural Project


  • Membrane Project


  • Area

    4500 mq

  • Textile

    PVC polyester mesh

  • Type

    Textile facade

  • Canobbio

    Canobbio Textile Services

    Production of membrane,
    fastening systems,

Expo Zaragoza

The basic idea of the project was to develop a cover that is easy and cost-effective to disassemble and reassemble.

Therefore, the building elements and the materials were chosen in based on cost-effectiveness, lightness and prefabricated.

The textile membrane is a PVC mesh connected to the tensioned steel structure to obtain the desired shape. The curvatures follow the shapes of the building and a part of the facade consists of a balcony facing river Ebro.

The structure was dismantled at the end of the Expo and the material was recycled thanks to the Texyloop program of the company Ferrari which produces the textile mesh.

Museotec integrated an offer in which besides being in harmony with each other, the container and contents merge together into a unique magical experience. One transforms into the other and vice versa: a transformation that goes from emotion to concept and from concept to emotion.

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