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Hadrian's Villa

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    Studio Associato Eoss Architettura

  • Membrane Project

    Canobbio Textile

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    200 mq

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    Archaeological areas - Cover for archaeological site

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    Canobbio Textile Services

    Membrane project, supply of ETFE monolayer, aluminium fastening profiles, installation.

Hadrian's Villa - Tivoli (Rome)

One of the last projects carried out to cover the archaeological area is the dome made ofETFE monolayer, designed by the firm EOSS Architectura, supplied and installed by Canobbio Textile as part of the restoration works preparing for the reopening of the prestigious Hadrian’s villa archaeological site in Tivoli (Rome).

“2021 marked the reopening to the public after the restoration of Piccole Terme and the Hospitalia, two important areas of the Hadrian’s villa in Tivoli. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, the complex was built between 118 and 138 AD

Exclusively funded through public investment, unlike previous restorations, these restoration works allowed to redefine this prestigious heritage in a contemporary style by using and experimenting new techniquesas well as light, high performance and less invasive innovative materials. This specifically due with the aim of maintaining the exceptional values that led to naming Hadrian’s villa a UNESCO heritage site. Designed and built as a skylight, this transparent segmental arch dome recreated a closed volume with minimal visual impact and without interfering with the ancient structures. This allowed to shield the Octagonal Room from rainwater and further static dislocations.”

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